2005 F-150 Contents/Index


Acceleration Control

Accessory Drive

Air Conditioning

Anti-Lock Control

Audio Unit

Automatic Transaxle/Transmission External Controls

Automatic Transmission — 4R70E/4R75E

Battery, Mounting and Cables

Body Closures

Body Repairs

Body System — General Information

Brake System — General Information


Charging System — General Information

Climate Control System - General Information

Clutch Controls


Daytime Running Lamps

Driveline System — General Information


Electronic Engine Controls

Engine — 4.2L

Engine — 4.6L (2V)

Engine — 5.4L (3V)

Engine Cooling

Engine Emission Control

Engine Ignition — 4.2L

Engine Ignition — 4.6L (2V)

Engine Ignition — 5.4L (3V)

Engine System — General Information

Evaporative Emissions

Exhaust System

Exterior Lighting

Front Disc Brake

Front Drive Axle/Differential

Front Drive Halfshafts

Front End Body Panels

Front Suspension — 4x2

Front Suspension — 4x4

Fuel Charging and Controls — 4.2L

Fuel Charging and Controls — 4.6L (2V)

Fuel Charging and Controls — 5.4L (3V)

Fuel System — General Information

Fuel Tank and Lines

Full Frame and Body Mounting

Generator and Regulator

Glass, Frames and Mechanisms

Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems

Heating and Ventilation


Hydraulic Brake Actuation

Instrument Panel and Console

Intake Air Distribution and Filtering

Interior Trim and Ornamentation

Manual Transaxle/Transmission and Clutch — General Information

Manual Transaxle/Transmission

Multifunction Electronic Modules

Parking Aid

Parking Brake and Actuation

Pickup Bed and Platform Body

Power Brake Actuation

Power Steering

Rear Disc Brake

Rear Drive Axle/Differential — Ford 10.25-Inch Ring Gear

Rear Drive Axle/Differential — Ford 8.8-Inch Ring Gear

Rear Drive Axle/Differential — Ford 9.75-Inch Ring Gear

Rear Suspension

Rear View Mirrors

Roof Opening Panel

Safety Belt System


Starting System

Steering Column

Steering System — General Information

Supplemental Restraint System

Suspension System — General Information

Transaxle/Transmission Cooling

Transfer Case

Wheels and Tires

Wipers and Washers