2005 F-150 Contents/Index

-- C --

C-Pillar Trim Panel

Camber and Caster Adjustment

Camshaft — LH

Camshaft — Lobe Surface

Camshaft — RH

Camshaft End Play — OHC Engines

Camshaft End Play — Push Rod Engines

Camshaft Journal — Clearance, Plastigage Method

Camshaft Journal — Diameter

Camshaft Journal to Bearing Clearance — Push Rod Engines, Micrometer Method

Camshaft Lobe Lift

Camshaft Phaser and Sprocket

Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor — 4.2L

Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor — 4.6L (2V)

Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor — 5.4L (3V)

Camshaft Roller Follower

Camshaft Runout

Camshaft Synchronizer — 4.2L


Canister Vent Solenoid Closing Procedure

Catalyst Monitor Sensor — 4.2L

Catalyst Monitor Sensor — 4.6L (2V) and 5.4L (3V)

Catalytic Converter

Charge Motion Control Valve (CMCV) — 5.4L (3V)

Charging System — General Information, Section Table of Contents

Charging System

Child Safety Seat Tether Anchor — LATCH, SuperCab and SuperCrew

Child Safety Seat Tether Anchor

Climate Control Assembly

Climate Control System - General Information, Section Table of Contents

Climate Control System


Clutch and Clutch Field Coil

Clutch Controls

Clutch Master Cylinder/Reservoir

Clutch Pedal Position (CPP) Switch

Clutch, Section Table of Contents

Communications Network

Compass Calibration

Compass Zone Adjustment

Compressor Manifold and Tube Assembly — 4.2L

Compressor Manifold and Tube Assembly — 4.6L and 5.4L

Condenser Core

Condenser to Evaporator Line

Connecting Rod — Bearing Journal Clearance

Connecting Rod — Bend

Connecting Rod — Bushing Diameter

Connecting Rod — Cleaning

Connecting Rod — Large End Bore

Connecting Rod — Piston Pin Side Clearance

Connecting Rod — Twist

Control Components

Coolant Pump — 4.2L

Coolant Pump — 4.6L (2V)

Coolant Pump — 5.4L (3V)

Cooling Fan — Blade, Clutch and Shroud

Cooling System Draining, Filling and Bleeding

Cooling System Flushing

Cowl Panel Grille

Cowl Side Trim Panel

Crankshaft — Connecting Rod Journal Taper, Out of Round

Crankshaft End Play

Crankshaft Front Seal

Crankshaft Main Bearing Journal — Clearance

Crankshaft Main Bearing Journal — Diameter

Crankshaft Main Bearing Journal — Taper

Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor — 4.2L

Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor — 4.6L (2V) and 5.4L (3V)

Crankshaft Pulley

Crankshaft Rear Seal with Retainer Plate

Crankshaft Rear Seal

Crankshaft Runout

Cylinder Block Core Plug Replacement

Cylinder Bore — Cleaning

Cylinder Bore — Out-of-Round

Cylinder Bore — Taper

Cylinder Head Distortion

Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Sensor — 4.2L

Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Sensor — 4.6L (2V)

Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Sensor — 5.4L (3V)

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Heads