Passive Anti-Theft System

Passive Anti-Theft System
Connector #LocationLocation DiagramPinout
C252Behind dash panelShow/Hide   E52151012Show/Hide   e62cfc252
C212RH A-pillarShow/Hide   E52151016Show/Hide   e52cfc212
C175BRear RH engine compartmentShow/Hide   E52151002Show/Hide   e62cfc175b
C270ERH A-pillarShow/Hide   E52151016Show/Hide   e62cfc270e
C250Behind dash panelShow/Hide   E52151012Show/Hide   e62cfc250
C270GRH A-pillarShow/Hide   E52151016Show/Hide   e62cfc270g
C270FRH A-pillarShow/Hide   E52151016Show/Hide   e52cfc270f
C238LH A-pillarShow/Hide   E52151015Show/Hide   e52cfc238
C270ARH A-pillarShow/Hide   E52151016Show/Hide   e62cfc270a
C139Rear RH engine compartmentShow/Hide   E52151002Show/Hide   e52cfc139
C286Behind dash panelShow/Hide   E52151012Show/Hide   e62cfc286
C270BRH A-pillarShow/Hide   E52151016Show/Hide   e52cfc270b
Splice #LocationZoneLocation Diagram
S103Wiring harness - Engine control sensor (12A581) near T/O to C139B1Show/Hide   E52151002
S208Wiring harness - Main (14401) near T/O to C2047C1Show/Hide   E52151013
S236Wiring harness - Main (14401) near T/O to C254A6Show/Hide   E52151013
S355Wiring harness - Body main (14A005) wires terminate under right side of instrument panel C282D8Show/Hide   E52151021
Ground #LocationZoneLocation Diagram
G206RH A-pillarD1Show/Hide   E52151016
G200LH A-pillarF2Show/Hide   E52151012
Fuse #